When in Bahrain

The weekends in Bahrain are on Fridays and Saturdays, although many companies work only half a day on Thursdays in addition to the weekends. Bahrain is the perfect blend of traditional Arabic culture and changing modern lifestyle, which ensures that it has various entertainment features that suit everyone. The country has something for everyone, and Bahrain will always leave you wanting for more.

Bahrain had an explosion of modern art in the 1950s, which gave rise to a number of art galleries that feature prominent artists of the genre. This movement, of sorts, has also influenced multiple ways of life such as architecture. Art forms such as abstract expressionism have gained widespread popularity in the recent times as well. Apart form modern art, Bahrainis are known for their taste in good art, as showcased in Bahrain National Museum, which houses traditional art exhibition.

Bahrain has an enthusiastic sports crowd and the country enjoys a number of sporting events on a regular basis. Football is one of Bahrain’s most popular sports, and the country even has its own league matches as well. The country also houses a Formula One Race track known as the Bahrain International Circuit, and has hosted Grand Prix events since 2004. Other prominent sports include basketball, rugby and horse racing.

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