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If you are a tourist, you should have your travel documents on you at all times. Passport is exempt for nationals from Arabian Gulf Cooperation Council (AGCC), which includes citizens of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and UAE. UK nationals can stay in Bahrain for a maximum of four weeks, only if they have a passport with a validity of atleast six months.

Bahrain has multiple types of visas in place to accommodate the various travel requirements of the visitors. These visas are issued based on the travellers stay, and can be obtained from any of the Bahraini consulate across the world by a local sponsor. The different types of visas issued by Bahrain includes- Tourist visas, 72 hour visas, 7 day visas, visit visas, business visas, family visa, dependent visa. Each of these have their own limitations and one must take care to understand the liabilities and should act within the restrictions.

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Global Travel & Tours W.L.L.