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Bahrain is well connected to the rest of the world via a reliable network of international flights and seaways. The Bahrain International Airport (BIA) is located in Muharraq, and is well equipped to handle international flights. Bahrain’s national carrier, Gulf Air is based in BIA. The King Fahad Causeway links Bahrain and Saudi Arabia via road. The seaport is primarily used for trading purposes, and Bahrain has a large fleet of merchant ships used in import and export businesses.

A well-rounded network of roads connects all the main towns and the four major islands. The prime modes of transport in Bahrain are private vehicles and taxis. The country also sports a comprehensive range of bus service, which is comfortable, safe and reliable. Bahrain has an abundance of reasonably priced taxis, making it economical to travel around the city. You can hire taxis for a single trip, or on a daily basis, depending on your requirements. It is important to note that some drivers may cover their taximeters with a cloth and claim the meter to be faulty. This is a common conning tactic, and one should avoid such rogue taxis.

Alternatively, you can also rent a car while you are in Bahrain. One must possess a local or international license in order to drive a vehicle in The Kingdom of Bahrain. If you have an international driving license, it must be verified by the Traffic & Licensing Directorate, which is located near Isa Town before you can hire a vehicle.

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