discovering bahrain

Discovering Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain is a small island nation located on the Eastern Shores of The Persian Gulf. It is an archipelago of thirty-six islands located in the Gulf of Salwa, with a combined land area of about 760 square kilometres. Bahrain is an important financial and business hub in The Middle East, and is well known for its immense business and trade capabilities. It is famously knows as the Pearl of the Arabian Gulf, thanks to the rich pearl trading business that the region was famous for until the late 20th century. Bahrain literally means “two seas”, which is a direct reference to the natural water springs, which pearl divers of the region used in their trade.

As a prime trading center, the country has attracted people from all over the world, who have made Bahrain their home over time. This has contributed to the growth of diverse cultural heritage, and is showcased in the numerous museums and art installations riddled throughout the country. In Bahrain, one can witness the collision of both the old traditions and modern culture. This amalgamation helps the country to retain its traditional values, while adapting modernity and keep up with the contemporary changes. One can discover traditional mosques and souqs, standing side by side with large malls and air-conditioned skyscrapers, in harmony.

Bahrain is a tourists’ paradise. One can never run out of fun things to do when holidaying in the country. Things like scuba diving, desert camping, swimming, fishing, golfing, snorkelling, water skiing are only some of the few things to do in the country. If you are looking for a simple getaway, then Bahrain is the best place to be.